Around 80% Indian students preferred Engineering as a career option

Among 80% of the Indian students, engineering remains the most popular career choices. In India, a career in engineering provides an opportunity to innovate and higher earning potential which make students opt for it.

The Press Trust of India report suggest the nations with growing economies attract huge numbers of students towards this domain as said in a global report commissioned by Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. “For example, in both India and Turkey, around 80% of 16-17-year olds say that they are interested in engineering,” the report added.

The interest in engineering in India is often considered a profession that offers opportunity to contribute to innovations and high-earning potential, as well as the belief that engineering is an stimulating and interesting career, the report said. “I am reassured that the ‘Create the Future’ report confirms engineering outputs are valued around the world and considered genuinely life-changing. I see a number of people who see engineering as a great way to contribute to society,” Dr Robert Langer, winner of the 2015 Queen Elizabeth Prize, said.

Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys India said, “Globalisation is changing things. While much of the developed world continues to experience moderate interest in engineering careers, emerging economies are providing a new breeding ground for engineers.”

Students in USA, India and Germany have rated this career as a top career opportunity, as few others opted professions that include lawyer, business leader, teacher and doctor, the report revealed. According to report, the interest in engineering remains higher amongst men (66%) as compared to women (43%).

“Whilst more men in all countries show an interest in engineering as compared to women, the gap in interest is smallest in emerging economies such as India, Turkey, China and Brazil. UK, Japan and South Africa show the greatest difference,” it said.

Engineering in Japan, however, is considered as a machinery of innovation. According to report, many people think engineers’ contribution to society is undervalued, and they deserve much more recognition. “About 71% claim that their country’s engineers do not receive the recognition they deserve for their contribution to society,” it added.